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Rajeev's Photo I was born in Karnataka[ 1, 2, 3, 4] state, India as the first child or Dr.G.H.Mavinkurve & Smt. Sudha G.Mavinkurve.I was brought up at Sagar, the land known for Sandalwood. Jog-falls, the largest natural waterfalls in India, is very close to this place.

My mother tongue is Kannada. My education was in English medium. I studied and is conversant with Hindi. I have studied the Great Language Sanskrit (Samskrutaha) and is keen to learn more about it.

I follow Hinduism [GHEN] [Hindu Universe] [Intro to Hinduism]. Its one of the oldest religions. More than a religion its a way of life.

I studied at the the following places :

Some of my achievements : Special Distinction :

Framed Infinite Year Calendar (internationally followed) on a single sheet of paper. A computer program which works on this was also done. this news was spread on PTI (Press Trust of India) teleprinter network. The report also appeared in the national dailies Indian Express and Deccan Herald.

I have also devised methods which allow any body to do mental calculations and give the day of any given date instanteneously. This accomodates all the corrections(Gregorian, etc) and as per the internationally accepted calendar. I shall be putting these on my web pages.

My Hobbies: rajeev

Painting was one of my hobbies. I used to do a lot of art and thread work too. I also did some images based on illusion effects. But I stopped this when some of works were stolen at an exhibition. After a long gap, recently I had some crayons and drew the portrait of my colleague. This was my first attempt to draw looking at a human face. It turned out to be good, My collegue's young son looking at the portrait said "papa" and so he was very impressed.

Reading is also my favourite pastime. I read non-fiction books on many subjects including management, economics, sociology, psychology, genetics, technology, politics, current affairs, etc

I am proud to be member of IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Information Theory society, IEEE Engineering Management Society, IEEE Communications Society and IEEE Social Implications of Technology Society.

My photo taken near London Tower Bridge on 05-DEC-1999.

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